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ALESSI: Evoo Dip Spce Grinder Set, 2 pk

0.89 lb

The Alessi Dipping Spice and Extra Virgin Olive Oil set is convenient and easy to use. Our dipping spice is made from select Italian spices, garlic and sea salt packed and is packed in a unique, easy-to-use, Tip n' Grind glass bottle. Cleverly designed with a grinder built in, simply invert bottle and twist cap in the direction of the arrow. Freshly ground spices retain more of the precious oils lost in pre-ground forms. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made exclusively from olives grown, harvested and pressed in Italy. This premium olive oil from the first cold pressing offers a fruity taste and perfect balance of flavor for all your culinary uses. Together, they are a match made in heaven. Dip pieces of crusty bread into Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has been seasoned with freshly ground dipping spice and enjoy classic "Pinzimonio". Perfect for your home, R. V. or picnic table or makes the perfect gift.